Everest base camp trek blog

Everest base camp trek blog

Everest base camp trek blog deals to provide all necessary information to the adventure lover who wishes to trek to this destination. It is located on a lap of the world highest peak. And ebc blog gives all information about the condition of trekking trail, the culture of local people and some specific feature of the destination, where your stope or pass along the trekking route towards to your dream destination.

Everest base camp trek starts from the village of Lukla, which is at a modest height of 2860m. On the 10 days trek to the base camp of Mt. Everest at an elevation of 5450m. The trekking begins from the 40 minutes adventurous fright from Kathmandu to Lukla. For many people, this would be the smallest plan ever travel earn and exciting star to the trekking. The flight takes to Khumbu region of Nepal. Line Street of Lukla is come to see purchase offering their services most of the people range what in the areas organized by now. As a remote location, the villages on the sky can be supervising busy. In between the plan carrying tourist you can see Armey and rescue helicopter at the airport. Lukla has the verity of shops and largest hotels for accommodation. We can have basic western style meals and peak up any list minute’s items for the trekking or peak climbing ahead. There are many restaurants in Lukla so, have a meal before you start first-day trekking. A typical menu in Lukla, what we have a large verity of foods, like fried rice, nodes, soup, pizza, mom’s, breakfast and hot and cold drinks and most junk food you can get your own. People usually try to avoid eating meat from here to onwards as there is no cold store or cannot get fresh meat and the possibility of stoma sick is very high. It is only one get way of everest trekking region wher the trekker trek to the different trekking destination of the khumbu region like, everest view trek, everest three passes trek, everest gokyo trek.

Tenzing–Hillary Airportport, lukla

The first day journey towards the Everest base camp trek leads to Phakding from Lukla should take between 2 to 3 hrs. Going at so a sterling place. The trail starts with a gentle climb up the mountainside and on the left bank of Dudh Kosi River. It provides lovely views of Himalayan rang and green land scape hill during the today walking. There is a well-known trail of the step leading both upwards and down by the time you reach Phakding. Which is almost 200 m lower than the Lukla. There is a large amount of accommodation available at Phakding. The facility is very basic the rooms come with a bad mattress and a pillow. There is no electrical circuits and toiletries is share. Today’s trekking will take some more between 5 to 6 hrs. Depend upon your fitness level.


The trekking from Phakding starts off very easy following the Dudh Kosi river valley below. The bole around your surround by rhododendron forest. There are several small villages along the way to stop for some foods or drinks like a Monjo. As you leave at Monjo on the direction of Namche Bazaar you enter UNESCO World Heritage Site Sagarmatha National Park. To enter SNP you have to buy a ticket and out from here you will need to show your passport and also provide a passport size photographs. Many time you will have to pass through a suspension bridge hanging over the Dudh Kosi River and the bridge is decorated by the local with the size praying flags. Although there is no need to prayers. Bridge is made by the style where feel much secured to cross it. On the far side of this bridge the village is known as Jorsale. There is no shop after these villages. Advise to stock food and waters. Short walk pass your left there is a bridge to cross. After get this trek surprising quite difficult the hike to Namche is very steep and continuous upwards until you may not reach their. It may takes around 2 hrs. Or more. People of average fitness level may find they can walk several minutes only. Then they take a short break to catch their breath at this altitude, your body will notice the lack of oxygen in the air. It will be especially notice if you attempt things like running upstairs or exacting to body any way. As you reached at Namche at the checkpoint police will ask to show your ticket to pass the point which you purchased at the entrance of SNP.

Namche bazar is the most importin town into Khumbu region. The land of Sherpa people. It is situated at an altitude of 3420m from the sea level. After the difficulty of this day trek would feel the rest at Namche is well deserved. But the idea behind the rest or acclimatized day to ascend high during that days then the sleep lower. This will help your body adjust at the altitude more easily. The most common walk to take on the rest day to the Everest View hotel. From here we see on a full day the spectacular views of Everest. The walk should only take around 2 hr. have a penalty of time to explore on a Namche Bazaar. A market takes place every morning in the town center. Many traders come from Tibet to trade here. On the far side of Himalayas. Looking from a distance, it looks like second-hand clothes markets with everything spread out on the ground. But in the fact most of the goods you will find here are new invitations climbing gears. There is a big difference between tourist prices and local prices. So, if you want to buy something here and have a potter or guide get them to make the purchase for you almost anything you might need for the trek ahead can be bought on the street at Namche items like a down jacket, shoes, socks, sleeping bag, and other related items if necessary. Namche bazar has many internet cyber café. Making it one of the few places in the region trekker can excess the internet. The Internet is connecting to satellite so the resulting connection is a bit slow then the normal speed. The village is also content German bakery, where we can get quality of western style food like pizza, cake and so on. It is famous in this region.

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Hike from Namche to Tengboche should take around 5 to 7 hrs. Deepen upon your physical conditions. To begin with the step and tiring walk out of the village. Large amount of the structure or construction was taking place at Namche with many new lodges and tea houses. Sound of the stone cut very quickly, replace the sound wind below on the trees and the coming sound with yak bail. Atmosphere is changing so quickly.

Tengboche monastery can be visible at the distance if the weather is clear as well as the summit of Everest too. After about 20m walking the ground level are often you find your pest increase. After 1 or 2 hours easy level trekking you have to walk downhill losing much of the altitude gained over the last day. So you can use the old wooden bridge to crossing the river. But the altitude was the last begin with the top 2 hrs. Uphill walk. Most people will stop here having lunch before the attempt to make their final puss to the Tengboche. The price of the bottle of soft drink and other foods like rice, soup and other items the price might be around 40 to 50% higher than the Lukla. The lack of oxygen in the air really noticeable at this stage. Only the surface since to be able scared to the steep hill of the region able page. Everyone else is choosing trek slow and steadily.

Tengboche village located on the altitude of 3867m. This village is importation Buddhist monasteries the largest in the Khumbu region. The structure was built in 1923 but it was destroyed by fire in 1989. It was rebuild with the support of volunteer and provision of foreign aid. From here you can see the scenic views of Everest and Ama Dablam. All the traffic ahead to the Everest base camp passing through the heart of Tengboche so, it is one of the great place of relaxing and watch all the yaks, potters and trekkers go about their burliness business. There are large greenery on the center of a village for the camping. Several lodges are choosing. There is an internet café here. But the electric supply is not always working. There is also a bakery in the center of village. It is one of the bakery seem to be highest in the world. At as nearly 4000m. The chock let is delicious and testy if there is freshly made. The quality of the lodge is slightly low then the Namche. The dining areas is closely uncomfortable and congested with the small stove providing heating to the people sitting directly around it. Most of the people will take dinner around 7 and go to the bed.

The trek from Tengboche to Dingboche start gentle slope downhill but sharply after crossing river, we had uphill spend most of the day hiking along the river valley. Many people visiting this region of Nepal only goes as far as Tengboche. So far here upwards less trekkers, potters and yaks along the trail. There are some lovely family lodge and teahouses were available. Just stop in along the way serving testy drink like half lemon tea and half yak milk tea. Overall it is easy but long day trekking with the journey takes up to 6 hrs. At this altitude, many people suffer a minor headache and shorten of breath.

The village of Dingboche located at Chhukung valley as an altitude of 4530m. Trekkers were usually spend 2 nights at Dingboche for acclimation at a high altitude. The village realize heavily on tourist with lodge and tenting areas comparing most of Dingboche. The Imja River follows directly east of the village. Most of the people chose this destination to spend nights and rest day hanging in and around the village. There is a bare here with the full table, expensive internet café with sat alight phone were available with the high price. If you feel home seek and like to call at your home or relatives. This day start of steps climb up to the edge of the hill offers the magnificent views down in the Chhukung valley with the smiling faces of islander peak is visible. Most of the trekker and supporting staffs take a short rest here and make the self-preparation for the long mark ahead. Today is quit adventure because it will take 6 hrs. Long days trek. It depends upon how the altitude affects you. Today as you walk along the side of the valley if you looked down to the left base you can see a small beautiful village named Pheriche.

At the Pheriche, there is a medical center. Where in the emergency condition the trekker and the supportive staffs can get immediate treatment. For the minor element, there are fixed charges for the foreigner. This charge is enabled to the doctor able to treat the local as a free. Most of the walk today along to the relatively level ground. A few singes of civilization can see along the trail. So you need to refresh with the drinks and some food do so, that the nearest available shop. For the last hours to the ground become steps and rocky until you reach a small village of Lobuche. Comparatively, there is not much accommodation were available like Dingboche and Tengboche only 2/3 lodge or teahouse are available to spend the night. Some of the lodge and camping areas make up this village.

This village quit exposing the high wind can cause a lot of dust below around the village. Because of most of the trekkers and the staff take rest indoors. The number of trekkers passing through this village can be very greatly. It is common for there no accommodation can be available. Guest may ask to share the room with the stranger or even sleep on the dining room floor. There is no lodge available around there if you search next nearest lodge you may walk more than hours. Today we have to walk relatively over the 5 Km. It does not sound like much in normal conditions. But at this altitude may take around 5 to 6 hrs. The trekking trail is not clear you have to walk over loose rook which at the difficulty to walk.

Everest Base Camp

The scenic small village Gork shep actually origin of Everest Base Camp (EBC blog) for the climbers heading summit towards the Mt. Everest 8848m. The small village located at the base of a peak called Kala Pattar. It appears as a big brown bump below the splendid face of Pumori peak. Many trekkers in this Everest region will attempt to summit Kala Pattar 5555m since providing a 360-degree spectacular mountains views include Mt. Everest from the base camp to peak. The top of the Everest is not visible from the base camp so it is the best viewpoint for the Everest. At the final destination of our trek is the Everest base camp. It is our dream destination to reach at the base camp 5545m. It takes around 3 hrs. To reach Everest base camp from Kala Pattar. The trekking trail is quit adventures towards the base camp. Along the trekking trail, we can see crash helicopters in the ebc region. Because the thin are is in this altitude landing and taking off can be difficult. Unlike the rest of the trek. There is on clear trekking trail to follow the trekking route towards the base camp. So, we should take an experienced guide. The trekking trail leads over the Khumbu glacier finally ending at the base of Khumbu icefall. You can say you are a base camp when you are looking up the Khumbu icefall. The icefall is regarded as one of the most dangerous stages of the southern call rout to Everest summit.

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