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Tibet is known as the roof of the world is still a mystical place that few have dared to explore.It is an ancient country with ancient Buddhist culture, Hidden Valleys, artistic monasteries, breadth taking landscape, centuries old caravan trails and highest point on earth the Mount Everest. It is the highest region in the world with an average altitude of 4875 meters. It is a landlocked country bounded with Nepal, India, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. Road and adventure is never short on the beautiful trans Himalayan drive of over 970 Km., through four mountain passes, promising a panorama of a cultural and scenic diversity unsurpassable anywhere. It culminates on an arid plateau - a veritable treasure of architectural masterpieces, once the largest , the jokhang- a spiritual Center and the palace of Potala and Norbulinka( the summer palace) of the Dalai Lama . Barter Trade still prevails in Barkhor Bazaar. A region that is not so much a little strange as utterly surreal.

Visa Procedure

Visa processing is initiated only after you book a trip with a qualified travel agency.Original passport has to be submitted along with the Visa Application Letter ( Invitation Letter) of Tibetan Tourism Authority to the Chinese Embassy in Nepal or abroad.We are eligible to process your visa/permit and can fax you the Visa Application Letter ( Invitation Letter) if you wish to apply the visa abroad.Normally, Chinese embassy of Kathmandu works on Monday - Friday between 09 30 am to 11 am. Visa fees  depend on your  different Nationalities and the types of Visa, you can collect the passport on the third working day. For emergency processing, there will be an extra fee.

After the recent change in policy, permit can be processed for minimum 2 participants.